WHMCS 7 + Stripe Checkout

RoudiApp WHMCS Payment Gateway Module for Stripe Checkout, is integrated with WHMCS (V7.X, V6.X and PHP 7), allowing you to process payments via Stripe Checkout service [100% PCI compliant]. The easy checkout process increases your conversion leads. Supports Card and Bitcoin only.NEW
Last Updated: 09/08/2017 (Supporting Radar)

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Please note: We offer full refund, email before any chargeback!

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Open Source & PCI

We do NOT encode our source code, you have 100% control over a well documented source code. Install on multiple sites. To resell you need to buy a new license, available with discount.

NOTE: This module uses Stripe.js Library and Stripe Checkout service, making it 100% PCI compliant.
Credit card information will not be stored.
This solution requires no template modification, therefore WHMCS regular updates will not render this module obsolete.
Complete list of features


Not suitable for recurring billing yet. This module only supports one time payments in WHMCS via Stripe.

Multi-currency + BitcoinNEW

In addition to major currencies support, Bitcoin Payments are also supported.
All currencies supported by Stripe are configurable using the admin panel for this module (139 Countries including USD, CAD, GBP).

Fees Calculation

WHMCS Automated Fees calculation, configurable using the admin panel for this module. Suitable for WHMCS finance reports only! This does not add transaction fee to total amount, as this is prohibited by Stripe and is clearly stated in their terms and conditions.

RoudiApp & Stripe Checkout Comparison

We are changing our name from moStripe to RoudiApp. Compare our Stripe WHMCS modules

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Installation Document & Screenshot

Installation Document | Checkout Window Overlay | Gateway Log | Configuration Panel | Automated Refund | Invoice Record | Paid Invoice | Pay Invoice | Stripe Record | Ask for Credit Card | Address Details


Supports Partial and Full refund.

CVC and Address check

Supports for extra checks on CVC and zipcode/postcode.