Here at RoudiApp we design beautiful but affordable apps. Our products simply work and are well supported. If you can't find the product you are looking for drop us a line with your inquiry and we will get in touch.
We are specialised in PIN Delivery, SMS and Telephony Services (UK DIDs).
We are the same company behind; here we offer our products minus the managed support.
We have integrated Stripe, Braintree and other payment gateways with just about anything that lives online!
We DON'T recommend Braintree or Stripe, if you care about your business, get a Bank Merchant Account!
We are changing our name from moStripe to RoudiApp to remove Stripe Trademark from our products.

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WHMCS + Stripe

The WHMCS Module for Stripe




WHMCS Barclaycard epdq CPI



Stripe Checkout

WHMCS & Stripe Checkout